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Amon Kimya

TRUSTWORTHY to be; Our greatest value in our commercial relationships is creating healthy and long-term working opportunities for all our customers and business partners.

VISIONARY to be; To always achieve firsts in the sector by realizing the work and projects we believe in.

INNOVATIVE to be; To attach importance to knowledge, training and experience by constantly monitoring R&D and technological developments.

LOCAL and NATIONAL to be; When planning all the products and services we produce, our primary goal is to choose domestic and national products that will contribute to our country's economy.

REPUTABLE to be; As a company, our aim is to be a respected company in its sector, in Turkey and in the world, by producing quality and permanent products and services that care about its customers.

RIGHT PEOPLE, RIGHT PRODUCT, RIGHT TEAM to be; Working with the right people, producing the right products and working with the right team is to be successful.

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