Amon Kimya

Our company has all the infrastructure to transport dangerous goods in accordance with ADR legislation, with its 75 vehicle capacity. With its ADR tractors, land tankers, Anhydrous Ammonia Transport Tank Trailers, L4BH and L4BN chemical substance transport transport tank trailers, its own T11, T75, T50 Iso Tanks and overflow infrastructure suitable for intermodal transportation by road, sea and railway, in Turkey and With its internationally experienced and dynamic team, it operates in accordance with occupational safety and ADR-RID and IMDG legislation, with a 24/7 working principle. All our drivers have an SRC-5 certificate and all our vehicles have a T9 certificate. We are on our way to becoming a leading company in IMO transportation in Turkey and the international logistics sector, with the importance we constantly attach to R&D and Technological and by following the developments in the logistics sector and with our new equipment and fleet investments.

We serve as a solution point for companies with logistics needs in our region with our Chemical Storage Tanks, Palletized raw material and Bulk Dry Cargo warehouses, container handling, loading and unloading areas and our fleet of 50 Container Fishbone Trailers, 10 Raft Flatbed Trailers and Tipper Trailers operating between ports.