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Amon Kimya Fabrika

Amon Kimya ve Makine San. Tic. Ltd. Ltd. It is a subsidiary of ÖZSÜREN Group Companies, established in 1985.

Our company carries out the import, production, storage and logistics activities of chemicals and industrial-medical gases, which are the main inputs of the Cleaning, Textile, Food, Iron-Steel, Glue, Paint, Glass, Packaging, Paper and Cosmetics, Cement, Thermal Power Plants and Fertilizer industries. . It supplies raw materials to many companies in Turkey and abroad with its ADR land tankers that can carry all kinds of chemicals, Iso tanks and container carrier trailers, trucks and tractors used in maritime transportation, and its expert team in dangerous goods transportation. We continue to increase our hazardous material transportation logistics activities throughout Turkey by constantly improving our R&D investments in this sector and increasing the number of our fleet vehicles day by day. Our company, which imports and exports Chemical and Liquid Fertilizers in the fertilizer sector, supplies all agricultural chemicals and fertilizers used in the agricultural sector in Turkey.

Our company entered the machinery sector, which is its other field of activity, in 2015. Design and manufacturing of pressure vessels in the Machinery and Steel sector, Semi-trailer LPG Transport Tank with ADR, Semi-trailer Ammonia Transport Tank with ADR, LPG and Ammonia Storage Tanks, LNG Storage Tanks, Nitrogen Storage Tanks, Argon Tanks, Carbon Dioxide Tanks, Cryogenic Evaporators and Quality production in accordance with world standards in line with the suggestions and requests of customers in areas such as Tanks, Chlorine Tanks, Chemical Transport Tanks and Trailers, LPG Filling Facilities, Construction and Equipment of Chemical Facilities, Manufacturing and Assembly of Steel Construction Structures, Manufacturing and Assembly of Hydroelectric Power Plants Covers and Pipelines. is doing.

As Amon Kimya, we continue on our way with the vision of becoming a leading company in the supply and storage of chemical raw materials, fertilizers and agricultural, mining and plastic-polymer products in our region, with the investments we have planned in 2021.

Amon Kimya aims to be the leading company in the sector with the documents it receives and the standards it implements, its customer-oriented work and its investments in R&D, within the framework of the importance it attaches to international quality.

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