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Hedefimiz sektörde lider olmak

In his interview for Sektorel magazine, Amon Kimya Deputy General Manager Necmettin Özsüren said; He spoke hopefully, saying that 2022 started as a year in which inflation, energy costs increased and raw material prices were at their peak, and that he believed that a recovery period would begin in the second quarter, with the impact of the pandemic decreasing and the supply-demand balance reaching a certain balance in the economy worldwide.

Amon Kimya ve Makine Sanayi Tic. Ltd., who started his speech by evaluating the past year. Şti Deputy General Manager Necmettin Özsüren said, “2021 has been completed as a year in which the whole world felt the economic impact of the pandemic and post-pandemic period closely. During this period, we provided solution-oriented service to our customers and supplied our products to our customers with our 24/7 service approach. As a company, we closed our turnover in 2021 with an increase above expectations compared to the previous year, and we closed it positively in order to achieve our long-term goals as a company in this crisis environment. As a company, we believe that the most important element of success in supplying chemicals to our customers in this period is trust and timely fulfillment of promises. "Despite the disruption in raw materials and supply and the large increases in prices due to the increase in energy costs around the world, we continued to make sales in every period by fulfilling our promises and obtained new customers with the references given by fulfilling the demands of our customers," he said.

Speaking about his expectations and goals for 2022, Deputy General Manager Necmettin Özsüren said: “As a company, we will continue with our planned capacity increase and investments in order to increase our turnover and provide better service to our customers. 2022 started as a year with inflation increases, increased energy costs and raw material prices at their peak, but we believe that a period of recovery will begin in the 2nd quarter, when the impact of the pandemic decreases and the supply-demand balance in the economy reaches a certain balance across the world. Therefore, as this balancing will lead us to reach new business opportunities and new customers, as a company, we make our target and planning preparations accordingly. Serious problems have occurred in the sector due to the increases in raw material prices during the pandemic period. Because the sector did not expect such a price increase, the sudden increase in demand, which decreased last year, with the decrease of the pandemic in 2021, completely changed the balances in the sector.”

Deputy General Manager Özsüren gave information about the services they provide and said, "Our company produces chemical substances and industrial-medical gases, which are the main inputs of cleaning, textile, food, iron-steel, glue, paint, glass, packaging, paper and cosmetics, cement, thermal power plants and fertilizer industries. It carries out import, production, storage and logistics activities. We supply raw materials to many companies in Turkey and abroad, with our ADR land tankers that can transport all kinds of chemicals, Iso tanks and container carrier trailers, trucks and tractors used in maritime transportation, and our expert team in dangerous goods transportation. We continue to increase our hazardous material transportation logistics activities throughout Turkey by constantly improving our R&D investments in this sector and increasing the number of our fleet vehicles day by day. "Our company, which imports and exports Chemical and Liquid Fertilizers in the fertilizer sector, supplies all agricultural chemicals and fertilizers used in the agricultural sector in Turkey," he said.
Emphasizing that they are also active in the logistics sector as a company, Özsüren continued his words as follows: “With its 75 vehicle capacity, our company has all the infrastructure to transport dangerous goods in accordance with ADR legislation. With its ADR tractors, land tankers, anhydrous ammonia transport tank trailers, L4BH and L4BN chemical transport transport tank trailers, its own T11, T75, T50 Iso Tanks and overflow infrastructure suitable for intermodal transportation by road, sea and railway, in Turkey and With its internationally experienced and dynamic team, it operates in accordance with occupational safety and ADR-RID and IMDG regulations, with a 24/7 working principle. All our drivers have an SRC-5 certificate and all our vehicles have a T9 certificate. We are on our way to becoming a leading company in IMO transportation in Turkey and the international logistics sector, with the importance we constantly attach to R&D and Technological and by following the developments in the logistics sector and with our new equipment and fleet investments. We serve as a solution point for companies with logistics needs in our region with our Chemical Storage Tanks, Palletized raw material and Bulk Dry Cargo warehouses, container handling, loading and unloading areas and our fleet of 50 container fishbone trailers, 10 flatbed flatbed trailers and tipper trailers operating between ports. ”

Necmettin Özsüren also mentioned in his projects, "Our goal is to become a leading company in the sector in Turkey in the transportation and supply of dangerous goods." As Amon Kimya, we continue on our way with the vision of becoming a leading company in the supply and storage of chemical raw materials, fertilizers and agricultural, mineral and plastic polymer products in our region, with the investments we plan for 2022. "Amon Kimya aims to be the leading company in the sector with the documents it receives and the standards it implements within the framework of the importance it attaches to international quality, its customer-oriented work and its investments in R&D," he said.